We come from a long line of tourism and hospitality enthusiasts, combined with a love of sports and adventure. We were among the first in Viganj  to start offering camping accommodation and windsurfing. We later on built on this success by widening our offer with kitesurfing and wakeboarding. We are working very hard to keep our guests happy, our spot clean and improving our offers. Here is a short overlay of our offers and some information about our surrounding natural and cultural beauty.


Our Liberan Camp’s main camp site is located in the heart of Viganj – Croatia, on its main beach Ponta. The camp is located by the sea, only 3m away. With our kitesurfing and windsurfing school just some 40m away, there is no need to commute other than on foot!


With over 30 years of experience, our windsurfing school is definitely a great choice to become a windsurfer. With our instructors ranging from freestyle riders with over 10 years of experience to race riders, who speak Croatian, English and German, you will definitely be in capable hands. Especially since we have WDWS trained instructors. Also, our friendly approach and attitude within the school will rub off on you soon enough!


Our kitesurfing center has been operational for over 6 years with a constant supply of high quality instructors who speak Croatian, English and German. Amongs our quiver we have 3 speedboats and an array of kites and boards for all wind conditions. The kites range from 9m2 to 15m2 so that we can work in all winds.


Viganj is a small village in the sunny south of Croatia. It is located on the shores of the clear and warm Mediterranean sea. It is known for it’s many days of sun and great winds conditions which attract surfers from all over Europe and the world.

It is filled with small cafes, bars and restaurants. The cafes are filled with surfers every day which make up most of the population during the summer days. There are 2 most famous bars where the surfers gather, the Beach Bar and the famous K2. Both are right by the sea and present a place to chill or enjoy acoustic concerts during the day, or go party with live music by night. It is great that they are both filled with people every day!

There are numerous restaurants which all have excellent Mediterranean cuisine made from fresh local vegetables, fruits and fish. There are also many outdoor activities which one can undertake: windsurfing, kitesurfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, mountain biking and paragliding. The surrounding area also has many small, secluded beaches with clear sea. You can also go on a tour to visit the local small villages in thesurrounding.



Locate in the sunny Mediterranean, this area can be considered to be the pearl of the Adriatic. The peninsula Pelješac has a beautiful nature, crystal clear sea with many beaches, sunny days and party nights. It’s cultural heritage is many thousands of years old with an extraordinary fresh local cuisine. With so much untouched nature, it does not lack cultural heritage many centuries old as well as an authentic gastronomical treasure. This region is famous for it’s wineries, authentic red wine famous all over the world (Plavac Mali). Gastronomical offers range from fish and local olive oil from all over the peninsula, to the special offers of local bread sea shells in the area of the town Ston.


On the other side of the sea shore, opposite from us, is the island Korčula. The island contains a preserved ancient city. This city, according to the legend, was founded by the Trojan hero Antenor in the 12th century BC. The city is also very known for being the birthplace of Marco Polo. Aside from this great cultural treasures, the island is also famous for its white wine, scuba diving and night life. The island’s untouched shores present the visitors wit a number of lagoons and beaches.


While staying in our Liberan Camp, you should also consider visiting Dubrovnik some 100km away via car, the UNESCO site from the 7th century. It is one of the first and oldest democracies in the Mediterranean. Other places that you should also consider visiting are the National Park Mljet (2h= car+boat ride), Brac (1.5h boat ride) but also Hvar and Split.