What DO you get when renting with us?


– 1h 69€
– 2h 89€

– 3h 99€

Essential for propelling you across the water, kites come in various sizes and types to suit different skill levels and wind conditions.

There are different types of boards available for rent, including twin-tip, directional, and foil boards, each offering a unique riding experience.

A crucial piece of gear that attaches you to the kite, distributing the kite’s force across your body. You can find waist, seat, and even boardshort harnesses available for rent.

The control system used to steer the kite. It’s vital to have a bar and lines that are compatible with the kite you’re renting.

Depending on the water temperature, a wetsuit can be essential for keeping you warm and comfortable while kitesurfing.

A safety must-have to protect your head from impacts with the water, board, or any other objects.

Ensures that your kite doesn’t get away from you if you release the bar, maintaining your connection to the kite for safety.

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