Born to surf

Windsurfing Intro

Dive into the world of windsurfing for an awesome blend of speed, skill, and pure fun! Feel the wind push you forward as you glide across the waves, the sun warming your skin and the sea spraying around you. 

Whether you’re cruising along or catching some air, windsurfing is all about that rush of excitement and freedom. It’s not just a sport – it’s a laid-back, thrilling way to connect with nature and have a blast on the water. So grab your board, catch the breeze, and get ready for an unforgettable ride that’ll leave you grinning from ear to ear!


With over 30 years of experience, our windsurfing school at Viganj in Croatia is definitely a great choice to become a windsurfer. With our instructors ranging from freestyle riders with over 10 years of experience to race riders, you will definitely be in capable hands. Especially since we have WDWS trained instructors. Also, our friendly approach and attitude within the school will rub off on you soon enough!

We have a large range of boards which we use at our school and which  you can also rent. They range from small freestyle boards to large school boards that provide more stability for our students. You will be more than pleased with our sail range from beginner sails, to bigger monofilm sails for advanced riders. We also have  harnesses, neoprene wetsuits and swimming vests. Another plus is that the surf school is 10m distance from the Antony Boy camp. 

No matter where you come from, you will get the best service because our instructors speak Croatian, English and German. We welcome you to come to one of the best windsurf spots in the Mediterranean and the best windsurf spot in Croatia!


Our windsurf beginner course lasts 4 lessons divided into 3-4 days. Each day is spent in school with one of our instructors in groups with a maximum size of 5. 

The windsurf courses usually takes place in the early afternoon. The gear you will be using are large JP Australia boards (215 L) and small Severne school sails. If you wish, you can also use our NPX neoprene and life jackets. The rent of all of the equipment during the course is included in the price.

The school days are divided as follows:

1st day – learning the theory on land (wind theory, board and sail theory) +  sailing in a straight line

2nd day – learning to maneuver on water, staying upwind, riding in a group and tack turn

3rd day – improving the previously learned under supervision of the instructor

4th day – accomplishing a group trip across the sea to Korčula island

improver / refresher course

1 LESSON: 49€ / 3 LESSONS: 139€

This course is aimed at windsurfers who have finished the basic course and now want to further improve their skills. You can choose to learn beach start, fast tack and jibe turns or riding in a harness. The rent of all of the equipment during the course is included in the price.

TRIAL COURSE (1 Lesson): 49€

Try windsurfing and decide if you like it!  This course covers the basic sailing theory and the first steps on water. After this you can choose to prolong it to a full beginner course. The rent of all of the equipment during the course is included in the price.

CHILDREN COURSE (3 lessons): 99€

This course is aimed at children under 12 years so they can learn the basics of this sport on special kids’ equipment. The lessons are mostly done in the morning hours at light winds. The rent of all of the equipment during the course is included in the price.

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